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My Dearest Ashleigh,
My fondest memories of you are when you would just bust
out singing, anytime, any place.  Not only were you beautiful on the outside,
but had such a beauty on the inside.  My first thought that made this tragedy
sink in was never again would you be able to ask Uncle Ben where his rice was. 
I hope that you have found the peace and happiness you were looking for and know
this, you did not die in vain, if anything, your death has brought your family
back together and hopefully we will all cherish and remember that as we go
forward.  Life was too short for you, but evidently you were needed somewhere
else to help someone else.  We love you and miss you.  You are free to fly baby

With all our hearts we love you
Aunt Tami, Uncle Ben, Brandon,

~ Tami Ernst

Ashleigh & Patience Obituary
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